Tableau Noir Coeur Pince Ivoire - Pack de 6


Blackboard Heart Ivory Clips

Pack de 6

Hauteur: 5 cm
Largeur: 2 Inches (5 cms)

Matière: Wood

Couleur: Ivoire

Pack Contient 6 blackboard hearts with medium size clothes pegs.

Le bois est prêt base revêtue avec finition ivoire.

Clip important items, bits of ephemera, or pieces of memorabila together so you dont lose them, add dates or notes as an aide memoire!

You can also clip them onto pots or along garlands and you can paint or distress them any colour you like or embellish them further with buttons, ribbons etc.

Clothes pegs measure environimately 3.5 cm long, and the blackboard heart measures 5.6 cm wide x 5 cm tall.